Since 2007, Najm for Insurance Services Company has been delivering innovative and superior services to people involved in accidents and vehicle insurance companies. We can attend and handle an accident and the related procedures according to its specific requirements. We specialize in the preparation and submission of accident related documents and other services. In difficult situations, we’ll always make sure you get the best attention, care, and expertise every step of the way.

Offered Services

Services Currently Offered

Here are a few motor insurance services that Najm is currently offering to its consumers:

Liability Determination

At Najm, our surveyors attend an accident while complying with international standards. We follow Saudi Traffic regulations efficiently while determining the liability between the involved parties.

Policy Uploading (NajmNet)

We share vehicle insurance policies presented by our shareholders, insurance agencies, with the Saudi traffic system. We have integrated high-tech electronic terminals with the National Information Center for this purpose.

Claim Requisition

We receive the insurance claims for damaged vehicles from our consumers. These claims are submitted to the concerned insurance company. We ensure our customers’ claims are settled according to the regulations defined by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA).

Upcoming Services

Here are a few services that Najm intends to introduce in the near future:

Driver Evaluation

This service will be offered to insurance companies exclusively. With this facility, insurance agencies will be able to receive its customers’ records via a sophisticated electronic system. They can also learn about the history of the vehicle as well as driver.

Damage Evaluation

While offering this service, we will evaluate the condition of damaged vehicles. We’ll also monitor and assist the communication between insurance companies and claimants to keep this procedure efficient and less time-consuming.

Claim Management

Najm will develop an automated centralized database to maintain a proper record of vehicle claims. This will help insurance companies identify and prevent potential claim frauds. This will also allow insured individuals to check their claim status without calling or visiting the claim department of their insurance companies.

What We Do

Najm has been serving its consumers with the aim to present a vast array of vehicle insurance services. Our offered services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Addressing insured vehicle accidents when there are no casualties.
  • Preparing a Liability Determination report. This detailed report includes different documents as evidence, such as accident’s photographs, drawing, and more.
  • Preparing damage evaluation reports for every damaged vehicle.
  • Removal of all vehicles and obstacles from the location of accident.
  • Assisting the traffic police to enhance road safety.
  • Various other services related to the vehicle insurance industry.