Policy Uploading

Najm Insurance Services has emerged primarily from the desire of the National Insurance Committee to ease, develop and facilitate Motor Insurance Services Sectors in the Kingdom. In its gradual, continued efforts to enhance, improvise and provide a complete suite of services to the Insurance Industry, Najm introduced the electronic services for Motor insurance policy called NajmNet services .

Service Description

    It includes, Najm’s Policy Management System (PMS) encompasses stakeholders, Insurance Companies, NajmNet, Al-Elm, NIC. All the information related to insurance policy upload, vehicle owner and vehicle details are maintained in the system.
Insurance Company (IC) uploads polices/vehicles to NajmNet PMS. It is validated as per the business rules in NajmNet and sent to Al-Elm. Al-Elm does the required verifications and completes its part to forward it to National Information Centre (NIC). Finally it is recorded and stored in the NIC system. If everything goes fine at each stage, the policy/vehicle gets submitted successfully and the response comes back through the same channel to the ICs.
To mark the completion of the process NajmNet gives a unique policy id/vehicle id to the insurance company upon successful submission. In case of unsuccessful transactions, a customized response message is sent to the insurance company, which indicates the reason for rejecting the transaction.

An overview of the process is depicted in the figure below.
There are different transactions in PMS which insurance companies can use for uploading policy, removing policy, uploading vehicle, removing vehicle and auto-updating vehicle information.