Liability Determination

At Najm, our surveyors attend an accident while complying with international standards. We follow Saudi Traffic regulations efficiently while determining the liability between the involved parties.

Service Description?

One of the major services that Najm had been assigned to handle in Saudi Arabia is the Liability Determination service among accident parties.
This detailed report includes different documents as evidences, such as accident’s report, photographs, drawing, and more.
To attend an accident by Najm surveyors, at least one of accident’s parties hold an active and valid insurance policy.

Service Objectives

  • Assisting the traffic police to enhance road safety.
  • Quick delivering of LD reports to Insurance companies.
  • Better monitoring for field operations.

Liability Determination Report Contents

  • Accident Parties informations
  • Accident survey report
  • Description
  • Drawing
  • Insurance Informations
  • Accident photos