Claim Receiving

Description :

System provided by Najm company through its branches, which spread in most area of Saudi Arabia, serve as a representative of the insurance companies and the existing role of mediator in the receipt of all documents and papers claims and sent to the insurance company and then follow up with the insurance company until the adoption of the claims or answer them.
This claims receiving service will help insurance companies as :

  • Full integration module between Najm and insurance companies
  • Centralized database for claims
  • Advance monitoring tool
  • Apply Liability indicators to detect fraud cases.

Service Goals and Objectives

The objective of the Najm claims receiving service are as follows:

  • To provide claims receiving service to insurance policy holders and insurance companies in all cities in Saudi Arabia.
  • To expand the car insurance service to the public, by covering remote areas where Najm has branches.
  • To standardize motor claims documentation & forms.
  • To provide an easy and timely manner settlement of claims handling process.
  • Estimate the accident from the company’s employees, addition to identical the claim form.
  • Najm handles all operations of the claim and the claim closure, starting from receipt the papers of claim and ending with the claim amount handed over to the customer.

Scope of work :

The service will be available in all of Najm’s branches , serving a total of 23 cities in Saudi Arabia.
Najm claims receiving service will facilitate all claims related handling to car insurance for all the policyholders of 27 shareholder companies, including:

  • Najm cases
  • Muroor cases
  • Civil defense cases
  • Police cases
  • Road security

Benefits :

  • Reduced claims management overhead
  • Receiving a claim document in an easy and timely manner
  • All documents will be electronically delivered
  • Easy to follow-up through Najm customer service claims system.
  • Reduce SAMA complaints by policyholder for insurance companies
  • More satisfied policyholders and better client retention in the long run.
  • Fully automated archiving of the claim documents
  • An end –to-end claims management service
  • A unified central database serving the auto insurance sector