Najm is all about staying protected on the road. We understand accidents can happen to anyone at any time. At Najm for Insurance Services Company, we dedicate our time and resources to serve the general public and insurance companies. We attend accidents, prepare LD (Liability Determination) reports for involved parties, and send these documents to insurance companies. Thus, we ensure you enjoy trouble free claim receiving activities.

  • najm board of director

    Employment Saudi Award

    The Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim Foundation appreciated and thanked Najm for Insurance Services Company for creating attractive job opportunities for young, dynamic Saudis.

  • najm board of director

    Honorary Shield from the Ministry of Labor

    While celebrating the success and services of outstanding private enterprises, the Ministry of Labor awarded Najm for Insurance Services Company with an honorary shield for providing great work opportunities to talented Saudis.

  • najm board of director

    Recognition by the Military Police Department

    The Military Police Department of the Air Defence Forces appreciated Najm for Insurance Services Company for its active participation and services in the 29th Gulf Traffic Week.
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