Application Features

Discover all features in Najm App.
  • Report Accident
    Easy way to report an accident and check the status of the accident lifecycle instantly
  • Policy Inquiry
    Enter Your policy number and know all about your policy.
  • Print Forms
    Easy to Print and download any document. Just select what you want to print.
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  • Discount Eligibility
    Just Enter your Policy number and check the discount available.
  • Insurace Record
    Check your all vehicle insurance record history.


  • Simplify Reporting
    No more hassles to report an accident. This App provides you the simple and easy way to report an accident and you can see instantly all the updates on this accident.
  • Investigator Auto-Assignment
    To have better response time, we have applied a sophisticated mechanism to assign the accident to the closest and available investigator “Automatically” with zero human intervention.
  • Traffic Jam
    We are striving to reduce the traffic jam caused by accidents; therefore, this App helps the accident parties to pull-off their vehicles to safe-spot and save their rights.

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